Del Duca is the creator of handmade unique accessories in Argentina. Combining a raw vintage appeal with a contemporary splash of pop art.

Founded by Mariana Diaz in 2006, when she began to experiment, looking for new shapes, colors and materials. She reinvented an old technique from the 50's to create originally and colorful pieces, with a timeless wearability and sophisticated aesthetics.The products are 100% made in her own workshop in Buenos Aires, each piece is meticulously handmade, with the utmost care for details and using the best material manufactured exclusively for the brand with a great sense of care for the environment.

An artisans, who were trained to achieve the desired quality, can work more than 20 hours in one piece to bring the designs to life.

Mariana with training in Industrial design and a specialization in accessories design, enjoy to makes unique, beautifully crafted pieces for her brand. She loves to plays with contrasts and colours, trying new shapes and materials. Del Duca is the only one in the world to offer a complete collection with this  traditional technique and brings a new concept in the accessories market

The aesthetic of creations range from playful designs to luxury pieces. Her fans are searching for individual pieces with attitude, cool and wit.

With Del Duca, you will never go unnoticed.